This Week (July 2): Future Flash

No Flash books coming out this week, but Bart Allen plays a significant role in the collected edition of Teen Titans: Titans of Tomorrow, and an alternate reality Flash appears in The Search for Ray Palmer.

Teen Titans: Titans of Tomorrow

Collecting Teen Titans #50-54, this book starts with the wake for Flash (and former Kid Flash and Impulse) Bart Allen… but soon Bart is back, along with his fellow Titans from 10 years in the future. They’ve taken out the Justice League, and now they want their past selves to ensure the future they know will come to pass!

Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer

The Challengers of the Beyond travel the Multiverse seeking the man who can prevent the Great Disaster. They encounter the Wildstorm universe, the evil world of the Crime Society, a world haunted by vampires (Red Rain), the gender-swapped world of Superwoman and Batwoman (with its own Flash), a Soviet Superman (Red Son), and the Victorian-era Gotham by Gaslight.