Michael Turner Passes Away

Newsarama is reporting that artist Michael Turner has passed away at the age of 37, after an 8-year battle with chondrosarcoma. The founder of Aspen Comics is probably best known for his creator-owned book, Fathom, and his work at Top Cow in the 1990s — and to DC readers for his Identity Crisis covers and re-introducing the Kara Zor-El Supergirl.

Turner did a series of high-profile covers for The Flash in 2004 (Flash v.2 #207–211), at least three of which have been reproduced as posters and T-shirts.

Strangely enough, when I went into my local comic store this morning, I noticed a large Fathom poster at the back. It’s probably been sitting there for the last five times I’ve been in, but for some reason it caught my eye today.

Aspen has asked that anyone wishing to make a charitable donation in Michael Turner’s name should send it to either the American Cancer Society or The Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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