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Speed Force Fifth!: Year One(ish) In Collectibles!


Hey Speed Readers,

As part of our Fifth Anniversary celebration, today we will be flashing back to 2009 to take a look at the state of the Flash action figure universe five (ish) years ago. Honestly 2008 only had one semi-decent Flash release so we will be skipping ahead slightly to a year or so before I came on board. DC Direct/DC Collectibles released five different versions (how apt) of The Flash back in 2009 beginning with Wally West from the Justice League of America series. Wally was released alongside Hal Jordan, Wonder Woman, and Geo-Force in January as part of the third series of releases and was the last original sculpt that we would see of Wally West released by DC Direct:

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Flash by Geoff Johns Ombinus 3 Coming Late Summer/Early Fall

Collected Editions made a discovery on Amazon.com this morning: The Flash Omnibus by Geoff Johns Vol. 3 is available for pre-order with a September 4 date, meaning it will most likely arrive in comic stores the last week in August. (Amazon gets their new releases on the Tuesday bookstore schedule, not the Wednesday comics schedule.)

What’s surprising about this is that volume 2 isn’t out yet (it’s due in April), and there was a full year’s gap between the first two volumes of the massive hardcover collection.

Volume 2 runs through issue #200 of the Wally West Flash series, completing the Geoff Johns/Scott Kolins run on the book. This will pick up with Alberto Dose’s “Ignition.” If the page count on this book is anywhere near the 640 quoted in the listing, it will easily cover Flash #201-225, including the entire Geoff Johns/Howard Porter run on the series. Highlights include a Superman/Flash race (pictured here in Michael Turner’s cover); the origin/profile issues of Mirror Master and Heat Wave; the Identity Crisis tie-in, “The Secret of Barry Allen”; at least half of the Villains United Flash/Wonder Woman crossover; and of course, “Rogue War.”

I still think we’ll see a volume 4 at some point covering Flash: Rebirth through Flashpoint. It’ll be about the same length as this one.

»Pre-order at Amazon.

Speed Reading: To the Art

Some art-related linkblogging…

Yildiray Cinar draws an impressive Reverse Flash (via @SpeedsterSite)

There’s a new Rogue in town…a new Rogues blog, that is: The Rogues Kick Ass (via @liabrown1). So far, it’s mostly comedic scans from published comics. (Context? What context?)

This is Knutz presents: The Rogues as kittens. (via @SpeedsterSite) Hilarious!

The Best Comic Covers looks back on the 9 Best Superman vs Flash Covers.

Various people at DC Comics weigh in on their favorite DC covers. Dan Didio’s is Michael Turner’s Flash #207 (via @SpeedsterSite).

Last week, Once Upon a Geek posted a series of poster galleries, including the JSA, Flash, Green Lantern, Sandman, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and more.

Behind the Scenes

Francis Manapul has been posting a lot of Flash art on Twitter lately: the uncolored art for the Flash #5 cover and five pages from Flash #2.

Val Victory’s review of the Flash: Rebirth hardcover includes scans of Ethan Van Sciver’s discarded designs for Wally West’s new costume.

Lots of places have been posting about Wednesday Comics with the release of the hardcover this week. The Source has some of the extras, including art from Karl Kerschl’s Flash strip.

Comic Strips

OK, none of these strips are Flash-related… but I had to share them anyway.

Comic Critics points out that Gotham City is a bad place to open themed businesses.

Creebobby presents Batman after a bad night on patrol: Bat-Fail.

Speed Reading: Rebirth, Crimson Lightning, Turner Tribute and More

Fellow Flash blogger Dixon of Crimson Lightning writes about catching up on his Flash comic index and launching a new feature, “Fast Talk,” all about the technobabble with which the Flashes breeze past the laws of physics.

Wizard Magazine’s 2009 preview, shipping in December, will feature an interview with Geoff Johns in which he talks about Flash: Rebirth. (via Comic Bloc’s BESTBUY)

That Flash neon sign coming in June? Comics Infinity is offering pre-orders for 10% off. (via aeryncrichton)

Aspen Studios’ planned tribute to founder Michael Turner has been making the rounds at The Pulse and elsewhere, and Newsarama has followed up with a short interview with Vince Hernandez.

Hiro and DaphneThe Pulse interviews Brea Grant, speedster Daphne from Heroes. Anyone else notice that they still keep dressing her in red?

Finally, Comics Should Be Good has a list of the Top Five Flashes. I’m sure most Flash fans will find something to disagree with in this list. 😀

Michael Turner Passes Away

Newsarama is reporting that artist Michael Turner has passed away at the age of 37, after an 8-year battle with chondrosarcoma. The founder of Aspen Comics is probably best known for his creator-owned book, Fathom, and his work at Top Cow in the 1990s — and to DC readers for his Identity Crisis covers and re-introducing the Kara Zor-El Supergirl.

Turner did a series of high-profile covers for The Flash in 2004 (Flash v.2 #207–211), at least three of which have been reproduced as posters and T-shirts.

Strangely enough, when I went into my local comic store this morning, I noticed a large Fathom poster at the back. It’s probably been sitting there for the last five times I’ve been in, but for some reason it caught my eye today.

Aspen has asked that anyone wishing to make a charitable donation in Michael Turner’s name should send it to either the American Cancer Society or The Make-A-Wish Foundation.