“Blood Will Run” Back In Print

Blood Will RunReaders trying to track down Geoff Johns’ run on The Flash frequently run into a problem: most of the trades are out of print, and the high demand drives up the prices on the secondhand market. Fortunately, it looks like DC is doing something about it. Earlier this year, DC re-issued Flash: Blood Will Run, collecting Johns’ first storyline as regular writer (his previous story, Wonderland — finally collected in paperback last fall — was essentially a try-out). The new edition added something else that had been hard to find: the one-shot graphic novel, Flash: Iron Heights. Now, according to this week’s DC Comics Direct Channel (a newsletter sent out to retailers), that new edition is getting a second printing.

Also in the newsletter: the upcoming hardcover of The Wild Wests, featuring the first arc of the Wally West relaunch and Mark Waid’s brief return to the book, is being delayed a week until August 6.


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