Flash Video in DCU Online Trailer

A trailer for the MMO game, DCU Online was released for E3, and features clips of DC’s star heroes and villains in action — including footage of the Flash running up the side of a building.

(via Blog@Newsarama)


3 thoughts on “Flash Video in DCU Online Trailer

  1. The Human Tornado

    Wow that looks fantastic. I’m loving that the Flash was shown so prominently, maybe now we can have the speedster archetype showcased well in a mmorpg (I’m looking at you City of Heroes). Although with Champions also coming out for the 360(and me already owning one of those) I’m going to have a choice to make. They better make this game damn great, especially if I’m going to invest in a PS3.

  2. Lee H

    Neato. I notice that Jay Garrick shows up on the Batcave computer. I hope that Kid Flash or Impulse are in too.


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