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Wow… it’s hard to believe it’s been a month since I launched this blog. I’m starting to get a feel for how I want to structure it — what to include, when, etc. But this is supposed to be a resource for Flash fans, so I thought I’d ask you: what do you want from this site?


  1. When should I post the list of each week’s Flash-related comics?  Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday?
  2. What about more general comics content?  The site is going to stay focused on the Flash and other speedsters, and I’ve got another blog to post completely unrelated stuff.  But what about posts like this one on spending at San Diego Comic-Con?
  3. Should it lean more towards news or commentary? I’m thinking in terms of Warren Ellis’ post on content vs. linkblogs last week, and realizing that this first month has been very link-heavy.
  4. What other features would you like to see?

Also, I’ve got a request for you, if you like the site: Please spread the word! For instance:

  • Promote the occasional article on your favorite social bookmarking site, like Digg, or StumbleUpon, or (I’ll try to help by writing posts that are worth linking to!)
  • Review the blog. Speed Force is listed in several directories, but hasn’t picked up any ratings or reviews yet. That includes Comic Blog Elite, Blog Catalog, Blog Explosion (members only), and StumbleUpon (ditto).
  • If you really like it, and have your own blog, please add it to your blogroll. (Thanks to site that have already done this, including Comic Book Revolution, ACDC Comics Report, Smoking Boots, Blogging Away in LA, and We gotta to go to the crappy town where I’m the hero!)
  • Mention it from time to time on comic boards that you visit, or to friends who like the Flash. (When appropriate, of course.)

Also, please let me know about any cool Flash news or interesting articles you see. I still haven’t set up that contact form, but you can email me at speedforce [at] pobox [dot] com or send me a PM at any of the forums listed on the About Page.



8 thoughts on “Questions for Readers

  1. Will

    1. Doesn’t matter to me. Monday maybe, since it’s the start of the week, or Wednesday, book day.
    2. I would welcome comics related posts. Any Flash angle is appreciated as well, like comic con.
    3. Link-heavy sites aren’t fun when they are so plentiful… however there is no other link site for Flash stuff. So, I see this as a sort of Flash link and content hub. I think you’ve done a fair job of both content and links, keep it up.
    4. Maybe reviews of the issues, synopsis, summaries? Flash references in popular culture? Flash quizzes?

    I’ve been spreading the word and will continue to do so!

  2. Andrew

    1. I would say Wednesday since that’s the day new books are released (I think).
    2. As long as it is in some way Flash related, then by all means.
    3. I’m ok with link heavy sites. I agree with the previous comment that this is a hub for Flash content so it seems appropriate to have access to as much info as necessary.
    4. Flash references in pop culture is a cool idea. I’d also like to see some interactive media (quizzes, games, etc).

    Oh, and I’ll spread the word too. Keep up the great work!

  3. Esteban Pedreros

    I like it just fine… my experience is that once you get your blog updated as often as you can people tend to visit more often.
    I like both links and commentary because sometimes I don’t catch all the links on other websites and because you have a P.H.D. on the Flash so, as much as I know you always beat me 😀

    Maybe you should review the book a couple of days after it’s published.

    WordPress looks great…. if I hadn’t spend all that time in new blogger creating Comic Verso I would move the blog over here.

  4. The Human Tornado

    I would love to see you showcase Flash-related products. Action figures, statues, apparel etc. This stuff is released all the time and I would love to see a site showcasing some of it, and maybe even reviewing it.

    I’m going to keep spreading the word as best as I can.

    Thank you for being there for us Flash fans.

  5. Kevin

    1. Wednesday, I think, though I’ve no particular preference. It just makes more sense.
    2. Why not? Seems like a good idea to me!
    3. As others have commented, this is really the only thing which can catalog Flash news, so I like that it does that. Maybe a little more commentary versus links though.
    4. Reviews! (And summaries, I suppose would come logically with that.)

  6. Sentinel Editor

    I really like the new blog, and have been a fan of you hyperborea flash site for a couple years now! Great info! I have both of your sites on my blogroll, so my few readers know where to go for all their speedster needs.


    .-= Sentinel Editor’s latest blog post: Zod versus Soran =-.

  7. Kelson Post author

    Thanks, everyone! So it sounds like Wednesday is the popular choice for “This week, in Flash comics…” I won’t worry about linkblogging too much, and I’ll include other comics stuff where it seems to fit.

    I’ll make an effort to review the books in a somewhat more timely fashion (still haven’t gotten around to #241), and I’ll see if I can track down info on tie-in products.

    I’m keeping the thread open for further suggestions.


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