Geoff Johns: Why the Flash?

From CCI: Johns, Van Sciver Present “The Flash: Rebirth”:

“I think everybody, at one time or another, wishes they were faster. Everyone wishes they had more time. Everyone wishes they were never late. Everyone wishes they just had a little bit more time to do something. And that’s a really important element to the Flash,” said Johns. “Because if we had super-speed, we could get everything done that we wanted to do. What would you do if you could do everything that you wanted to do? Instead of thinking, ‘Hey, I could run 10 miles in a second,’ what if you could do everything on your ‘Hey, I want to do this,’ list? If you could do all of that, what would you do? Everyone has a stack of books that they say, ‘Oh, I’m never going to read those.’ What if you could? What if you got all of them done? Then what? You want to learn a language? You just did it.”


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