Gone in a Flash

We’ve known since the EVS spotlight at San Diego that the current Flash series will stop for Flash: Rebirth, though DC hasn’t yet announced the last issue. A good bet: #247, the final issue of Alan Burnett’s 4-part storyline, which should hit in December. Final Crisis, if it doesn’t get delayed too much, should also finish up in December, and they’ve talked about Rebirth starting in January.

The only real question has been whether Rebirth will be followed by one Flash series or two (and really, two is just wishful thinking), and whether it will start with #1, #248, or #351.

Now, Lying in the Gutters is reporting (with a “green light” for the rumor’s reliability):

…yes, “The Flash” will also disappear, replaced by the previously announced “Flash Rebirth” mini-series, before kicking off again with a new Flash series. With a new Flash.

Well, for some definition of “new,” anyway. (Unless DC pulls a fast one on us all and dusts off Mackenzie Ryan?)

I’m honestly not sure this is really news, but people seem to be talking about it.

(Thanks to Rockin’ Rich for pointing this out.)


3 thoughts on “Gone in a Flash

  1. Brandan

    Also, Ethan Van Sciver has confirmed that he will not be on ANY Flash title after Rebirth. I am waiting to hear word if there will be a reload or restart with the issue numbers..if he knows at all.

  2. Kelson Post author

    Hmm, I hadn’t heard that. I’m not exactly surprised, since consensus seems to be that EVS doesn’t do monthly books these days. He managed a solid 18-issue run on Impulse a few years ago, though.


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