Fan “Flash” Movie Trailer Making Rounds

I’ve seen several mentions today of a supposed teaser trailer for the long-delayed Flash movie — the one that, just a few days ago, we were told had no momentum.

Get the Big Picture has the clip, supposedly recorded on a cell phone during a Watchmen screening, and analyzes why it’s probably not the real deal, but a fan creation. Among other things, the story about how the recording was made just doesn’t add up.

I haven’t watched it with sound yet, but I’m inclined to agree.

Update: Thanks to Brandan, I’ve found a similar post at Slashfilm. No one knows who did make it so far, but it’s obviously not official.


4 thoughts on “Fan “Flash” Movie Trailer Making Rounds

  1. Jason West

    that was so bad@$$!!!

    i know it’s probably fanmade…but still! the best live action stuff we Flashfans have gotten so far is the tv show. and that was 18 years ago! man, i want this movie so badly…

  2. Brandan

    Its not real. debunked this yesterday or the day before. There was no Flash trailer shown before the Watchemn screening.

    But yes…It looks good. How I wish it were true.


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