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Where “Heroes In Crisis” Went Very, Very Wrong

I’ve held off for the most part on HEROES IN CRISIS, waiting for the ending to somehow turn things around for my opinion. After all, Tom King is a great writer and I usually am a fan of his work. I do think this book was well intentioned when it comes to depicting mental health issues…even though it missed the mark significantly. But, now that the series is over it’s time to finally talk about what went very, very wrong about HEROES IN CRISIS…a book that hopefully will be retconned out of continuity at some point in the near future. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!

 SPOILERS AHEAD for HEROES IN CRISIS. You have been warned!

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What If Nora Never Came Back in Time? (timey wimey thoughts on Season 5 of THE FLASH)

We have just seen the completion of a fantastic Season 5 of The Flash, one that gave us more timeline twists than even the Flashpoint story arc. What follows the jump will be HUGE spoilers for Season 5, so I’ll save all the big points for now. But, since the timeline was affected so much, and in so many ways, I began to wonder, “What if Nora had never visited the present time?” Let’s start just after the jump!


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“Heroes In Crisis” vs “Unstoppable Wasp” and a Look at Mental Illness

I know it seems a bit odd to talk about a Marvel book on a Flash website, but stay with me a moment. There are two series currently running, one at DC and one at Marvel, in which mental illness has been portrayed in a major plot line. For DC, it’s HEROES IN CRISIS, with a tragedy occurring at a mental health facility for superheroes called Sanctuary. For Marvel, it’s THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP, in which the lead character is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  So, how do the two story lines match up? Follow us after the jump!


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10th Year of Long Beach Comic Con! (2018)

Back in 2009, I attended the first-ever Long Beach Comic-Con, an event that filled the void left when Wizard World cancelled WWLA at the last minute. I had a good time, and it had a lot of support from the industry, but I wondered how long it would last.

Ten years on, LBCC is still going strong! It’s small compared to WonderCon or SDCC, but it continues to be much more focused on comics and art than most “comic cons.” Artists’ Alley is still the central focus of the main floor, with an outer edge made up of small press, comics and collectibles dealers, a wrestling ring, fan groups, Space Expo, and celebrity signing areas.

You can read my full write-up at K2R or go straight to the photo gallery on Flickr!