Sales Slide in September

ICV2’s sales estimates for September show yet another drop in Flash sales.

02/2008: Flash #237     —  37,719 (-  9.0%)
03/2008: Flash #238     —  35,606 (-  5.6%)
04/2008: Flash #239     —  33,741 (-  5.2%)
05/2008: Flash #240     —  31,944 (-  5.3%)
06/2008: Flash #241     —  30,810 (-  3.6%)
07/2008: Flash #242     —  30,325 (-  1.5%)
08/2008: Flash #243     —  29,647 (-  2.2%)
09/2008: Flash #244     —  29,180 (-  1.6%)

A couple of things worth noting: 1. Most regular super-hero series do drop slowly from month to month, with occasional jumps back up as big events bring new readers in to replace those who have left. (See “standard attrition.”) By that measure, the last couple of months don’t look so bad… but the series dropped horrifically from #230-237, leaving it at the dismal position of #82 on the rankings. 2. Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge has been outselling the regular series by roughly 2:1, though there was no issue in September.


4 thoughts on “Sales Slide in September

  1. ToG

    BWAHAHAHAHA take that, Wally! No one likes you anymore, or your kids! Bwahahaha!
    I’m sorry, that was mean. I should have left the kids out of this. It’s not their fault that their dad is an awesome-person-timefreezing dickcicle.
    Though it’s awesome to hear that Rogue’s Revenge did so well. Seems that people DO have good taste after all!

    .-= ToG’s latest blog post: Musically Yours =-.

  2. Jason West

    Wally West was one of my only heroes growing up (along with, to a lesser extent, Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, Superman, Batman, Dick Grayson, the Justice League, Tim Drake, Hawkman, Conner Hawke, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic 4.)


  3. Grady

    Dude wally’s awesome. The reason why the sales are bad is because since it came back the series been shit, at least its batter than Barts series.

  4. Jason West

    really, the reason is Mark Waid’s view of where the series should go. the kids should’ve come back as four/five year olds and not been the main focus. (in other words, not this crap about one being 10 and one being 8. they’re freaking twins!!!) also, the series was taken from their angle as opposed to Wally’s up until Tom Peyer took over (he was actually a good writer! they should’ve given him creative control for at least 2 more issues…though Alan Burnett is doing a decent job.) basically, Geoff Johns is gonna fix everything next Spring. thanks a lot, Waid…you both brought me to the book and killed the book for me…essentially, how every main Green Lantern issue (other than Corps) is done by Johns because he HAS to (if he didn’t, somebody would ruin it again. Parallax, anyone? mind you, i’m glad it happened. Kyle’s my fave Lantern…), he’ll have to do every main issue of The Flash because he HAS to. (thank you very much, “New Direction for The Flash”…)

    basically, Mark Waid ruined it and Geoff Johns is gonna fix it.


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