Bolt From Above

Found in a movie theater lobby this weekend:

Large shiny golden 3D cardboard lightning bolt sticking up out of the floor.

I’m pretty sure it’s a subtle (in the sense of not having any words on it that I could see, not in the sense of being difficult to miss) ad for the upcoming Disney CGI cartoon, Bolt, but I couldn’t pass up a picture of a giant golden lightning bolt frozen in the lobby. My wife joked that it needed the caption, “Zeus was here.”


8 thoughts on “Bolt From Above

  1. Shana Jean

    When I first saw the Bolt posters, I got really excited! I thought it had to be about a speedster. Or someone with lightning powers, I suppose.

    But then I looked online and it was about a freaking dog. Figures.

    .-= Shana Jean’s latest blog post: NaNoWriMo =-.

  2. Jason West

    whatever, Shana! Bolt looks to be the first genuinely funny and entertaining non-Pixar Disney cartoon since “Emperor’s New Groove”! i might actually see it in theaters, dagnabit! and, yes: Zeus was indeed here! 😉

    .-= Jason West’s latest blog post: My Pull List: =-.

  3. Shana Jean

    Oh, I’ll probably see it still, Jason! It does look funny, and I love superheroes, even if they’re dogs and not actually super. But I still would have preferred a speedster!


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