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2017 Flash Cosplay Photos

I attended three comic conventions this year (Toronto Comic Con, Niagara Falls Comic Con, and Fan Expo Toronto), and while there weren’t a lot of Flash-related cosplayers, I did see a few! I photographed Speedforce reader Andrew back in March and promised to post the photos here, but ended up so busy with TV season blogging that I never got around to posting them. Eventually I decided to post all of them together after Fan Expo, which was last weekend. So without further ado, here they are! Plus one photo of me cosplaying as the Top this year, which was taken by my husband.

It seems like Jay Garrick and the Rogues were the more popular subjects for cosplay this year (I briefly saw a CW Reverse Flash at Fan Expo last weekend, but he managed to vanish after I glanced away for a moment and was never seen again, so I didn’t get a photo). I’m looking forward to seeing even more outfits in 2018!