This Week (Nov 26): Trinity and the Kingdom

This week, the Flash stands a good chance of appearing in Trinity and Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom.

Trinity #26

Written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza; Art by Mark Bagley and Art Thibert, Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens, Tom Derenick and Wayne Faucher and Mike Norton and Jerry Ordway; Covers by Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang

The heroic Trinity is long gone and their legacy fades by the minute. But where exactly are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – and will they ever return? Don’t miss the halfway point in this action-fueled, weekly series exploring the three greatest heroes of all time!

Notes: Wally West has been appearing frequently in this series, and last week Barry Allen made a surprise appearance.

Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom

Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Fernando Pasarin; Cover by Alex Ross; Variant Cover by Dale Eaglesham and Nathan Massengill

Gog rewards those he deems fit. Starman has regained his sanity, Sandman his sleep, Dr. Mid-Nite his sight, Damage his pride and Citizen Steel…? What “wish” will the indestructible hero be granted? And more importantly, what drawbacks do these wishes come with? Plus, Starman’s true mission is revealed!

Notes: Wow, a title that almost rivals Countdown: Presents: the Search for Ray Palmer: Something Else! Anyway, with Jay Garrick as a member of the JSA, chances are pretty good that he’ll be in this issue.