Barry Allen in Trinity

In last week’s Trinity #25, a surprise guest star showed up: Barry Allen. Morgaine Le Fay and Enigma have altered history so that Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman never existed. In this timeline, the Justice Society International became a force that took protecting the world too far.

Spoilers for Trinity #25:

Last week we learned that in this history, Barry Allen “died” while battling Felix Faust. Or, more precisely, everyone thought he’d died. He used his powers to survive an explosion, but was left unable to walk. He found himself looking at what the Justice Society had become, and what he’d wanted to be, and created a League of underground freedom fighters. Meanwhile, as in the main timeline, Wally West succeeded him as the Flash. (Commentary at Tringenuity #25 and Annotations for Trinity #25)

This isn’t the first alternate reality in which Barry was left wheelchair-bound. The 1999 Elseworlds miniseries Flashpoint told of a world in which Barry Allen prevented the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963, but caught a bullet in the neck and was paralyzed. In that story, he turned the fastest brain in the world to developing technology, and founded Allen Industries — a firm which was sponsoring manned missions to Mars by the end of the twentieth century.


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