Pushing Back the Lightning Rod

DC’s website lists several more Final Crisis–related delays.

  • Final Crisis #5 has been pushed back two more weeks to December 10.
  • Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 has been pushed another month to January 14. This one is particularly annoying since it’s supposed to finally answer the question of who the Legion resurrected in “The Lightning Saga” back in June 2007.
  • Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4 — originally due in late December — has been rescheduled for February 25.

Unless the final issue Final Crisis itself gets pushed back even further (as rumored by this week’s Lying in the Gutters), it looks like Legion of Three Worlds will keep going several months beyond the main series.


5 thoughts on “Pushing Back the Lightning Rod

  1. ElfGrove

    *sigh* DC is trying to drive us nuts with this entire Final Crisis thing, aren’t they? The number of titles seems to be growing exponentially, and it feels like there’s no end in sight with all of the delays.

  2. Kelson Post author

    Actually, the number of titles hasn’t grown much.

    Last spring (IIRC) they moved Rogues’ Revenge under the Final Crisis banner and split Superman: Beyond into two issues.

    Somewhere along the line they added another one-shot. (I don’t remember which one, but I suspect they tacked the banner onto Rage of the Red Lanterns, since it seems to be more connected to Green Lantern than to Final Crisis.)

    More recently, they’ve added a Secret Files book, which I sort of look at as a #½ or #0 issue of the main series. And maybe this Run mini they announced at WWTX will be a Final Crisis book, or maybe it’ll just be a spin-off that picks up on dangling plot threads the way Rogues’ Revenge picked up on Full Throttle and Salvation Run.

    So it’s gone from 3 minis and 4 one-shots to 4 minis, 4 one-shots, and a two-parter. Growing from 7 to 9 isn’t what I’d call exponential.

    The delays, on the other hand… I’m with you there. I don’t mind the occasional slip by a week or two, but it’s starting to get ridiculous.

  3. Daily P.O.P.

    I had dropped DC Comics in general a year back and for some reason have only just gotten ‘back’ only to find this nonsense happening!

    I hope we’ll all laugh at these delays next year when we’re reading the new Flash monthly rather than the annoyance I felt when my subscription to the Flash transferred from the Johns run to the terrible new series (that I heard got better under Guggenheim).

    .-= Daily P.O.P.’s latest blog post: Power Records =-.

  4. ElfGrove

    Mmm. I guess the title growth is just an impression thing then. It just seems like there’s a new Final Crisis thing on the shelves every other week at my local comic shop. I think Resist was one of the more recent that I hadn’t realized was coming. I didn’t keep tabs on how many titles were planned to start with, and only intended to follow the main title “Final Crisis” and “Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds” to begin with, so as someone a little less comic-news-savvy I’m feeling a little overwhelmed seing so much at once. It happens.

    But yeah, I’m with you. Weeks is no big deal, delaying by months is getting frustrating.

  5. Kelson Post author

    I think the scheduling problems have probably contributed to the title confusion as well.

    What I remember from the way it was originally announced was that Final Crisis was going to come out monthly, but skip a month between #3 and #4. During that “skip month,” the one-shots were supposed to come out and fill in the details of what happened to lead up to that cliffhanger.

    With all the delays, the main miniseries has skipped multiple months, and half the one-shots ended up coming out after #4 instead of helping to set it up, muddying their purpose.


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