Googling the Speed Force

And now for some silliness. I figure this blog’s target audience is more likely to search for “Flash” or “Barry Allen” or “Wally West” than the actual title of the site, but out of curiosity I searched Google for “speed force.” Here’s what I found on the first page:

  1. Speed Force entry at Wikipedia – no big surprise, wince Wikipedia often tends to show up in the top few results if there’s an article that matches the query.
  2. – a company that builds and tunes engines for customizing cars.
  3. Speed Force entry at Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning Glad to know it’s still near the top. It used to be #1, though…
  4. Video results for the search. Google’s been trying to cross-reference their various searches, so ther are a couple of hits from a search on Youtube, which bring up one clip from Justice League and a humorous clip modified from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
  5. This blog!
  6. My review of last month’s issue
  7. Logitech’s Speed Force Wireless(tm) – a racing wheel controller for the Nintendo Wii game console.
  8. A physics discussion on The Speed of Force. Here’s where Google starts breaking away from the phrase and toward matching the words individually.
  9. The Twitter user who got the name @speedforce before I thought to look for it (which is why I went with the slightly clunkier @SpeedForceOrg). Interestingly, he just posted about Robert J. Sawyer’s Flashforward, which I started reading on Monday, because the first casting info was announced on Tuesday.

Exact search results seem to vary a bit depending on where you are, and which Google site you use. I got slightly different results between my home and work systems, for instance. Searching Google UK dropped the RTL article to position 7, and the car site to position 6, while Google Canada pulled my profile page to the #2 spot. Both picked up a “Magic: the Gathering” thread.

A few months ago, it took effort to get this site to show up in a search at all without resorting to something blog-specific. Now it’s on the first page of results for the title. Nice!


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