Speed Reading: Movie, Geoff Johns and DCUO

Geoff Johns talks to MTV about DC Universe Online, saying that the massively-multiplayer game is likely to ship in early 2010 or late 2009. He also says he’d love to tackle a Flash or Superman movie.

And speaking of movies, Variety reports that the film industry is starting to take super-heroes seriously, and looks into which characters are likely candidates for the big screen.

Michael Doran, co-founder and senior editor of the comicbook news site Newsarama, sees the most movie potential for DC Comics’ the Flash.

“Superspeed just is so elemental,” he says. “The character, especially the Wally West version — the fast-talking, quick-witted type — his personality almost matches his superpowers.”

Back to the fan perspective, Comix 411 has a wishlist for the Flash movie, and Siskoid looks at “The Human Race”.


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Movie, Geoff Johns and DCUO

  1. Craig MD

    While I would love to see a film based on Wally West, I have to admit that Barry’s origin is more simplistic and easier to grab on to for people not familiar with the Flash universe. Barry’s story would help people get in on the ground floor, but with Wally you have to explain the he got his powers in the exact same way as his uncle (bit of a stretch even for those of us familiar with it) and that said uncle died saving the universe during a “crisis’. I think that’s why they went with Barry for the old live-action tv show.

  2. Brandan

    No offense to that guy, but that movie just sounds silly. There isn’t much to it, even if its off the top of his head. I came up with an idea for a movie not too long ago(its not perfect at all but IMO, its better than that “wishlist”)


    Also, I’d rather have Grant Morrison writing The Flash movie than Geoff Johns, though, I would rather have Grant write the books rather than Johns as well..

  3. Kelson Post author

    As far as origin stories, it’s certainly not impossible. “The Mask of Zorro” — the one with Anthony Hopkins as Old-Zorro and Antonio Banderas as New-Zorro — worked just fine as a passing-the-torch story.

    Though I suppose the general public is probably more familiar with Zorro than the Flash.

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