Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-01-18

  • Wondering: When will SDCC post a date for hotel reservations? When will WonderCon post its schedule?
  • Bought this week: Final Crisis, Fables.
  • Ricardo Montalban AND Patrick McGoohan died? Damn.
  • Flash:Rebirth is on the cover of Feb. Previews, with “Coming in April.” It just may ship on schedule.
  • I now have 6 of the 8-issue Flash run in Adventure Comics. Sadly, AC462 is beyond my price range: it features the death of Earth2 Batman.
  • Weird seeing all these tweets about freezing. Still in a heat wave here, though it seems to be letting up.
  • Whoa… #3 hit on Google for ‘final crisis 6 review’
  • Geoff Johns: Flash: Rebirth is all about speed.
  • Friday night anime: Just finished watching Paprika. Trippy. Also very good. Looking up director’s other films. (No, haven’t seen BSG yet.)
  • Finally watched Batman:Gotham Knight. Much better than Superman:Doomsday. Also watched BSG, with its WTF.

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