Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-01-25

  • Wow: In 6 months, Speed Force has passed K-Squared Ramblings in Technorati Authority. My other blog has been up 6 YEARS
  • Diamond actually expects to ship Final Crisis #7 next week. It’ll be done in January.
  • Interesting: Ethan Van Sciver did FOUR covers for Flash: Rebirth issue 1, though they’re only using two.
  • According to Google, Phoenix Comicon is a shorter drive than WonderCon. Filed for future reference.
  • Grumpy Old Fan predicts the dead speedster in Flash:Rebirth is a member of Blue Trinity
  • Something’s missing from this press release
  • Wait, people are finding this Dilbert cartoon controversial? [edit: it was the dilbertfiles.com plug]
  • What I bought this week: Fallen Angel, Tangent: Superman’s Reign, Superman: Beyond. Two last issues & a next-to-last. Such is my pull list.
  • Retweeting @neilhimself: New trailer for the Coraline movie
  • The current Super-Friends book is the kind of series where Lex Luthor WOULD steal forty cakes.
  • Weird: Visits to SF blog dropped by a factor of 10 this weekend, but my other site on the same server stayed constant.
  • Reading some of the stories from Adventure Comics when Flash was a regular feature (c. 1980). Trippy stuff.

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