Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-02-01 (Final Crisis Finale)

  • Sheesh, Dark Knight was nominated for EIGHT Oscars. That’s not a snub. Not having a celeb face doesn’t make FX, editing, etc unimportant.
  • What if the Flash ran into a wall of Oobleck? [edit: link to forum post is dead]
  • Comic book science that Just Bugs Me(tm): evolution as a deterministic ladder instead of an environment-influenced tree.
  • What if…Obama kept a mini-statue of Spider-Man on his desk to remind him that with great power comes great responsibility?
  • What I Bought: Final Crisis #7 and Mysterius the Unfathomable #1 (heard a lot of buzz on this over the past week)
  • Not reading this review of Scott Pilgrim Book 5 because I’m buying it anyway, but nice to know it’s getting good reviews
  • WB Producer Charles Roven: The Flash movie is “shrouded in mystery” but not yet dead
  • *sigh* EVS says that getting Wally out of “Barry’s suit” means he can “be his own Flash again.” So he WASN’T for the last 20 years?
  • It seems like every time someone at DC talks about Flash:Rebirth, they chip away a little more of my interest in it.
  • The whole thing reminds me of shipper feuds spilling from fans into canon as fans turn pro. Like Nightwing and Dick/Babs vs. Dick/Kory.

Focus on Final Crisis

  • Final Crisis had so much story that IT should have been the 52-long weekly series. Just as long as DC got it in the can first.
  • BREAKING NEWS! Giant Multiverse-spanning epic turns out NOT to be ALL about Barry Allen! How can we forgive this SNUB!?!? *headdesk*
  • Lots of Final Crisis search terms today. My favorite: “final crisis seven is awful” – I guess someone only wants to read bad reviews.
  • More snarky searches: “final crisis 7 plot” and “final crisis 7 explained”
  • Also: “captain carrot” showing up surprisingly often
  • More searches: “what happened in final crisis?” “final crisis sucked” “did anyone like final crisis?” To answer the last one: Yes. Mostly.
  • Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 preview at Newsarama

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