Flash: Rebirth Tops Charts as #2 Comic for April

Flash: Rebirth #1It’s official: Flash: Rebirth #1 is a sales success.

ICv2 has released sales data for April 2009, and Flash: Rebirth #1 takes the #2 spot on the chart, right after Detective Comics #853, the first second half of the Neil Gaiman/Andy Kubert Batman story, “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”

Just out of the starter gate, The Flash: Rebirth #1 sold an estimated 102,429 copies, the highest the book has sold since the launch of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive in 2006. The first issue of that series, featuring an adult Bart Allen as the Flash, sold 120,404 copies in the first month, climbing to 126,741 with reorders. (Of course, sales on subsequent issues of Flash: TFMA dropped sharply after that initial spike, so only time will tell.)

I’m not sure The Flash has ever been this high in the rankings. I imagine this is the first time Flash outsold every single X-Men book on the market, including Wolverine!

Also interesting: 8 of the top 10 books (by units sold) were priced at $3.99.


4 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth Tops Charts as #2 Comic for April

  1. Shagga

    Nice sales for Rebirth, but to some extent it was pumped up with 2 or 3 variant covers, wasn’t it? Without the variants, it probably would have sold ~15K fewer copies.

  2. Kelson Post author

    Just one variant, the close-up on Barry and his costume ring, and that was in a 1:25 ratio, so it could only account for around 4,000 of these.

    Unless the figure includes the reprint, which now that I think about it came out the last week of April. I only see one entry for Flash:Rebirth #1 on the Top 300 list, and there’s no way the reprint sold less than the book sitting at #300.

    So if the second printing is included in the April numbers, it’s got to be part of that 102K. Otherwise it may show up on May’s charts next month.


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