Flash: Rebirth #3 Preview

Flash: Rebirth #3DC has posted a 5-page preview of Flash: Rebirth #3 over at The Source!

I still think the “Who’s faster, Superman or the Flash?” hook is kind of silly, given that it’s been answered over and over again, but the scope of the story seems to have expanded, with appearances by Liberty Belle, the JSA and the JLA.

Flash: Rebirth #3 arrives in stores next week, on June 10.


2 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth #3 Preview

  1. Demas

    “My body must be processing inordinate amounts of Speed Force to keep me here. It’s taking every bit it can but it wants more.”

    “The Black Aura … is made up of ‘dead fuel cells,’ but they’re still burning through the Speed Force at an unquantifiable rate. We’re going to increase the vibrational frequency inside this chamber to the very edge of multiverse transcendence. We’ll discharge the corrupted lightning running through your veins, and we’ll sever your tie from it. Essentially, you’ll be grounded back to Earth and then….”

    I pity new readers wading through this technobabble. Our villain is a blatant time-traveler, now a suspected speedster, a cosmic entity has already appeared, we’ve had deaths, and now the technobabble explanations… really hope future writers have not been written into a corner before the book even starts!


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