Art from the Flash Game that Never Was

With the success of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Super Punch has a round-up of links to Roger Robinson’s art for BottleRocket’s 2007 Flash video game that never got off the ground. I really like the menu art, and the two sets of storyboards show some interesting design choices, including a mask design reminiscent of Walter West, the “Dark Flash”. (via Comics Alliance)

Captain Cold - BottleRocket Game


2 thoughts on “Art from the Flash Game that Never Was

  1. I. Strange

    That Flash design is actually pretty cool. I can see them doing something like that for the movie. Or even in the comics, that two-tone red would work well for Wally’s new look.

  2. Flash Fact

    Its official. God hates me. Otherwise that game would have come out.

    On a different note, how fun would a Weather Wizard or Mirror Master boss battle be?


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