Incredible Black Flash Custom Figure

Black Flash, originally uploaded by JD Hancock.

I found this incredible custom action figure of the Black Flash on Flickr. Photographer JD Hancock describes it like this:

This custom action figure stands about five inches high and was created by my wife many years ago based on the artwork of Pop Mhan. She modified an existing figure (the Tarantula), wrapped it like a mummy, and then painted and decorated it. My contribution was its teeth, made out of tiny bits of white paper clips.


4 thoughts on “Incredible Black Flash Custom Figure

  1. Perplexio

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the Black Flash is going to play into Blackest Night. I’m also wondering about Black Lanterns Savitar, Zoom, & Kid Zoom/Inertia.

    And since Thawne has been resurrected how will he play into it? Will he be a Black Lantern initially? Will we see a Zolomon/Thawne fight perhaps?


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