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Dan Didio let slip some more information about the upcoming Kid Flash series in his latest 10 Answers column at Newsarama. First he reminded readers that Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates will be working closely together to keep the Flash and Kid Flash books linked, similar to the way Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps have been linked. Then he added something that fans of the Impulse series may find appealing:

You’ll still see the dynamic between Kid Flash and Max Mercury, if I’m not mistaken. And I think that’s new information, so you did get something out of me. But Max will be featured in this series as well. So if somebody’s a fan of Impulse, they’ll get that relationship back in the Kid Flash series. Because of the Max/Bart relationship, I think they’ll be very pleasantly surprised about what the plans are for the book.

This book is sounding better and better! Only two one more question:

  1. Who will do the art?
  2. When will it launch?

I suspect the artist hasn’t been finalized yet, though they could be waiting until they get closer to a firm launch date. And on that score, “About a month after Flash” is certainly more specific than certain other series (*cough* Zatanna *cough*) have gotten, but it’ll be nice when DC can give us a firm “April 2010” or “May 2010.” Edit: As Andrew points out, Dan Didio does indicate that the book will be launching in May 2010.


4 thoughts on “Kid Flash & Max Mercury

  1. Andrew

    Regarding when the book will launch Didio did say:

    “…And more importantly, we’ll be seeing Kid Flash back in Teen Titans relatively soon as well. That hope should keep fans … running at full speed until the series appears in May of next year.”

    Couldn’t it be the Kid Flash series that he is suggesting will come out in May? He seems to be saying that Bart’s upcoming appearance in Titans should hold people over until that May launch.


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