Flash: Rebirth #5 Ranked #9 for November

Full sales estimates aren’t available yet, but the November top 10 list shows that Flash: Rebirth #5 took the #9 spot (The Comics Chronicles, via Robot6). That’s lower then the debut issue (ranked #2 for April), but considerably higher than Flash: Rebirth #4, which had dropped to #14 for August.

DC Comics took seven of the top ten slots…four of them written by Geoff Johns: Blackest Night, Green Lantern, Adventure Comics and Flash: Rebirth.


4 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth #5 Ranked #9 for November

    1. Andrew

      This also means The Flash: Rebirth #5 is the second best-selling DC title released in November (after Batman & Robin) of their books not related to the Blackest Night event.


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