Blackest Night: Flash #2 Preview (and Variant Cover)

Sometime today, DC updated their website and added a five-page preview to the Blackest Night: Flash #2 listing. Here’s a direct link to the PDF. It also features the variant cover by Francis Manapul.

Whoa. Cheery image, there.

Thanks to @liabrown1 for spotting it!.


2 thoughts on “Blackest Night: Flash #2 Preview (and Variant Cover)

  1. Lia

    At first I was disappointed that the alternate cover didn’t have zombie Rogues too, but then realized that would mean I’d have to hunt it down and pay extra. So, probably for the best.

    The most horrible thing I’ve seen real life was hundreds of maggots spilling out of the corpse of a dead opossum. This cover reminds me of that 😛

  2. Jesse

    I liked this issue a lot and was surprised to see it tie in directly to what happened in Blackest Night 2 weeks ago. Interesting that DC has perfectly timed dozens of Blackest Night books but Flash Rebirth is so way off.


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