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DC Universe Classics 17 Blue Lantern Flash Pics

Hey all,

Blue Lantern Flash arrived a little bit ago and I finally got around to taking some pictures of the figure mint on card, loose and alongside some alternate versions of the figure. First the mint on card pictures:

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What If…Lord of the Rings had been an “Event” Comic?

A local movie theater has been running special screenings of the extended-edition Lord of the Rings trilogy over the last few weeks (almost certainly in connection with this week’s Blu-Ray release). I just watched Green Lantern, another movie in which a ring figures prominently, at the same theater. And of course we’re knee-deep in Flashpoint. The stories collided in a mental three-car pile-up during an afternoon running errands, and I started thinking: What would The Lord of the Rings have been like as a modern “event” comic book like Final Crisis or Blackest Night?

  • The Hobbit would have been subtitled, “Countdown to Lord of the Rings,” and continuity wouldn’t have lined up quite right with the main series.*
  • The core story would have been six volumes, with the first three shipping on time, and increasing delays for volumes four, five and six.
  • We would have seen side stories and flashbacks in specials or miniseries such as “Lord of the Rings: War in the North,” “Lord of the Rings: Arwen’s Story,” “Lord of the Rings: Faramir’s War” and “Lord of the Rings: Balin’s Last Stand.”
  • The first issue of the main series would have been accompanied by plastic replicas of The One Ring. The first issue of each tie-in miniseries would have included one of the rings given to elves, dwarves, or men.
  • To fill the gaps in the schedule, they would have added additional character specials like “Lord of the Rings: The Adventures of Tom Bombadil” and “Lord of the Rings: Radagast the Brown.”
  • The main series would have ended with destroying the ring, and a group of follow-up miniseries would have detailed “Lord of the Rings Aftermath: The Scouring of the Shire”, “Lord of the Rings Aftermath: The Greening of Isengard” and “Lord of the Rings Aftermath: Quest for the Entwives”
  • “Bow and Axe,” an adventure-comedy-buddy series starring Legolas and Gimli, would be the most successful of several ongoing spinoffs. “Settlers of Mordor,” on the other hand, would be canceled after just a few issues.

And then there are all the alternate-universe stories that would show up several years down the line, set in a world in which they failed to destroy the ring.

So…what do you think would have changed?

*Actually, this one really did happen. In the original edition of The Hobbit, Gollum gives Bilbo the ring as the prize for winning the riddle contest. By the time Tolkein got to The Lord of the Rings, that completely contradicted the ring’s effect on its bearers. He revised The Hobbit so that Bilbo finds the ring on his own, then wrote into LOTR that Bilbo had lied in the first edition to make himself look better.

DC Universe Classics Blue Lantern Flash Carded Images and Wally West Custom

Hey, Speed Readers! Earlier this afternoon¬†Mattycollector.com’s Facebook page released carded images of DC Universe Classics Wave 17, Mattel’s own Blackest Night Wave. Of course any Flash fan that has been following the last few years of the DC Universe would know that Barry was deputized into the Blue Lantern Corps during Blackest Night and has already seen a release in the DC Direct Blackest Night Wave. Now DC Universe Classics collectors get a shot at him:


One cool thing to note that was absent from the DC Direct version of this figure is the ability for this figure to hold his included Lantern. The DCD version sports closed fists. In addition to that the figure has 23 points of articulation and has a lighter color scheme. Despite feeling pretty burnt out on the whole Rainbow Lantern thing I will still be picking this figure up. The completest in me will not let me pass up on it.

I also came across an auction posted by eBay seller, Last_Galaxy for a custom Wally West action figure in his latest uniform:

The figure’s base looks to be a DC Universe Classics Barry Allen with a sculpted on lightning belt, lightning forearms and Wally’s new (JLU) symbol. Still hoping to see some version of this figure from either DC Direct or Mattel soon. I really do not care who makes it I just want it! The auction ends in about 4 days and can be found HERE.

Thanks for reading,

Devin “Flash” Johnson

Recent Acquisitions Volume 5: In Blackest Night *Image Intensive*

Hey Speed Readers, Devin here again with another edition of Recent Acquisitions. Now I mentioned last week that I was going to start showcasing older pieces from my collection in a new series of articles tentatively named “Off The Shelf”. Now while I may still do something with that idea down the line I’ve recently discovered a more attractive avenue for showcasing my collection: Tumblr! I plan on posting quite often, and since I don’t have to write up a whole article every time I post you can expect to see posts a lot more frequently. Yesterday I posted four different pictures, including a custom Flash Football Jersey. You can view my Tumblr at Fastestfanalive.tumblr.com and if you already follow my Twitter you can get updates on the fly without having to sign up. My Facebook friends can also receive updates through the news feed for the time being but I’m thinking of disabling that feature as it can probably get annoying getting 4 or 5 different posts a day. Twitter just seems more conducive to that kind of posting. ¬†Now onto the toys!

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The Late Rainbow Raiders

Sometimes, a new character or team just clicks.

Sometimes…they don’t.

This was the case with the Rainbow Raiders.

During his 2000-2005 run on The Flash, Geoff Johns killed off the Rainbow Raider, a Bronze-Age Rogue who could shoot colored energy beams and could drain or add color to people and objects, changing them based on the characteristics of that color. Red would enrage someone, yellow would make them afraid, etc. He was killed by Blacksmith in the prologue to “Crossfire” (Flash #183, 2002), presumably with the thought that he had less potential alive than as an example of how tough the new villain was.

Ironically, a few years later, Geoff Johns would introduce the concept of the emotional spectrum to the Green Lantern mythos, on which he built Blackest Night and Brightest Day. The Rainbow Raider’s powers would have fit right in.

Comics publishers never like to leave a name unused, and a few years later, Johns introduced the Rainbow Raiders in the pages of The Flash. They didn’t do much other than introduce themselves at Captain Boomerang’s funeral (Flash #217, 2005).

As far as I know, the villains have only been used once since then, just one month after their initial appearance: in JLA: Syndicate Rules (Kurt Busiek), Johnny Quick and Power Ring of the Crime Syndicate are impersonating the Flash and Green Lantern while they stumble upon an attack in progress by the Raiders. They have to fight or else blow their cover, but they don’t have the heroes’ restraint with using their powers, and make brutally short work of the Raiders.

That was pretty much it, and even I forgot about them until last week, when they showed up on a list of characters killed during Blackest Night.

“Wait? What?”

Lia was kind enough to point me to relevant posts on The Rogues Kick Ass from a couple of months ago (page 1and page 2). It turns out a two-page sequence in Untold Tales of Blackest Night revealed their ultimate fate: On discovering that the dead are rising, they decide to be on the winning side…so they kill themselves. They don’t even rise as Black Lanterns, though, because no heroes actually care about them enough for the rings to re-animate them.