Can You Solve the DC Challenge?

In the spirit of Crisis on Earth-Blog and the Super-Powers 25th Anniversary, over 20 blogs have gotten together to create…The DC Challenge.

The name comes from a 12-part miniseries that DC Comics produced in the 1980s, in which each issue had a new creative team that had to pick up from where the previous team left off, round-robin style. This DC Challenge is a set of games, puzzles and trivia questions linked across nearly two dozen super-hero blogs. Speed Force isn’t involved this time, but the Flash is well-represented by Crimson Lightning.

So, step up to the DC Challenge with The Flash at Crimson Lightning, or any of these characters:

Can you solve it?


4 thoughts on “Can You Solve the DC Challenge?

  1. Will

    No idea, but how can we at the Nightwing Fan Club get involved in the next one? We’d also love to link to all these sites, and vice versa!

  2. Frank Lee Delano

    Hi. I’m Frank Lee Delano, the “organizer” of the relevant insanity.

    In trying to keep everybody participating afloat, and due to my own failed time management skills, large portions of my design for the crossover could not see completion by the official publication date. After taking a few days to regroup, I’m looking at returning to a plan I proposed to the participating group, but was abandoned: “waves” of interactive stories and additional challenges following the first, until the thing finally felt finished.

    Lissbirds and myself have done extensive writing on one interactive story involving the Metal Men, the Atom, Hawkman & Hawkgirl, the Marvel Family, Adam Strange, Captain Comet, Martian Manhunter and the Prince Gavyn Starman that has not been generally circulated. That will be tweaked and launched as a second “wave” in the next few weeks.

    I have plans for an additional wave involving Gotham City and a variety of lower powered/obscure characters, including the Dick Grayson Robin, the Cassandra Cain Batgirl, the Barbara Gordon Batgirl, Azrael-Batman, Man-Bat, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Black Lightning, and whoever else needs to get worked in. This will be followed by at least one other wave of really bizarre properties.

    Nightwing fans (myself included among you, a favorite of mine dating back to 1983) can contact me at for further information.

    Also, I believe the next major blog crossover concept will revolve around characters featured in Justice League of America #200, as both the Irredeemable Shag and Luke at Being Carter Hall/El Jacone’s Comic Book Bunker have mentioned that premise in the past. I expect I’ll participate in that one, and can forward inquiries to the actual showrunner should you drop me a line.

    And Kelson? There’s very much room for Wally West in at least one of those waves, and I very very much appreciate your helping get the word out. Thank you.


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