Flash: Rebirth Wraps Next Week!

It’s been a long wait, but Flash: Rebirth #6 is on Diamond’s upcoming releases list — meaning it’s almost guaranteed* to ship next week! The second half of the miniseries has been plagued by delays, which artist Ethan Van Sciver has been willing to own up to…but he only recently talked about the health problems that threw off his work schedule.

So here’s the final (okay, maybe I’m being a bit trusting!) schedule for the miniseries:

Issue Orig. Date Actual Date Gap Delay
Flash: Rebirth #1 April 1 April 1 3 months† On time
Flash: Rebirth #2 May 6 May 6 5 weeks On time
Flash: Rebirth #3 June 10 June 10 5 weeks On time
Flash: Rebirth #4 July 22 Aug. 26 11 weeks 5 weeks
Flash: Rebirth #5 Aug. 26 Nov. 18 12 weeks 12 weeks
Flash: Rebirth #6 Sep. 30 Feb. 24‡ 14 weeks 21 weeks

Blackest Night: The Flash finishes this week, and next month sees the release of Flash Secret Files 2010. A new ongoing series launches in April with the Brightest Day-linked The Flash #1.

*It’s rare for a book to drop off Diamond’s schedule between “next week” and “this week,” but it does happen occasionally.

†Since Flash v.2 #247

‡Well, scheduled date, but unlikely to change at this point.


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