Geoff Johns, DC’s New Chief Creative Officer

The big DC news yesterday was the announcement of the new executive team for DC Comics. Jim Lee and Dan Didio are promoted to Co-Publishers, succeeding Paul Levitz, and Geoff Johns is promoted to Chief Creative Officer.

So for the most part, it looks like the “corporate overlords” at Warner Bros. like what DC has been doing and want to keep the same people in charge. That, and make sure the writer behind their most popular books isn’t even tempted to leave! (Though it’s clear that Geoff Johns is so fascinated by DC’s universe and characters, I can’t imagine what would lure him away.)

In a statement on The Source, Johns assures fans that he’ll still be “writing Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman: Earth One and Brightest Day.” In addition, he’s in charge of figuring out how to bring DC’s world, including Wildstorm and Vertigo, into other media: “film, toys, television, video games, animation and beyond.”


2 thoughts on “Geoff Johns, DC’s New Chief Creative Officer

  1. Mark Engblom

    Far too much on Johns’ plate to do all of those jobs well. Granted, Johns is one hell of a work horse, but with the added corporate responsibilities, something’s gotta give.
    .-= Mark Engblom’s latest blog post: Epilogue =-.


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