Happy Birthday Bill Messner-Loebs

I learned on Comic Bloc that today is William Messner-Loebs’ birthday! He wrote The Flash vol.2 for about four years from Flash #15 (1988) through Flash #61 (1992), during which he laid the groundwork for Wally West’s characterization in the 1990s and beyond. He also had a two-year run on Impulse, taking over from Mark Waid in Impulse #29 (1997) and handing the reigns to Todd Dezago after Impulse #49 (1999).


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bill Messner-Loebs

    1. Kelson Post author

      Very sad. We covered it yesterday. Fortunately the Fox 2 story seems to have raised a lot of attention. The Hero Initiative has gotten in touch with him, and the emergency shelter network that they’ve had to rely on has received so many donations that they’ve increased their fundraising goal. So things are improving at least a little.


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