More Speedster HeroClix: Inertia and Kid Zoom!

Wow, this is just the week for DC speedsters over at WizKids, isn’t it? Today they unveiled two new figures from the Brave and the Bold expansion set: Kid Zoom and Inertia.

Yes, two different identities of Bart Allen’s dark twin, Thaddeus Thawne. And because Thad took on the Kid Zoom identity after training under Hunter Zolomon, the two figures actually have different powers. Head over to the article for more photos, plus the cards and dials.

(Thanks to Devin “The Flash” Johnson for the link!)


7 thoughts on “More Speedster HeroClix: Inertia and Kid Zoom!

  1. Lee H

    Nice Inertia, but being a cheap repaint Kid Zoom is VERY off model. They should’ve just repainted a Kid Flash model if anything.

  2. Touch of Grey



    I have to go repost this several times, if it’s alright by you. I AM the owner of 3 of the 4 Inertia fansites on the internet.


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