Blue Lantern Flash HeroClix

HeroClix is working on a Blackest Night starter set featuring the heroes and villains deputized in Blackest Night #6, and has been releasing photos and descriptions over at the WizKids Games blog. Today’s entry isn’t up yet…but ICv2 has the Blue Lantern Barry Allen figure.

I think this is the clearest depiction I’ve seen of Barry Allen’s Blue Lantern costume. The BN:Flash #3 cover comes close, but parts of the design are still obscured by lightning.

Click over to ICv2 for the description, card and dial.


2 thoughts on “Blue Lantern Flash HeroClix

  1. West

    I like the pose, from the side. It screams “motion” and “velocity,” to me. I appreciate the attempt at the blue speed effects/lightning, but it’s not really workin’ for me.

    As always, I continue to marvel at how far ‘Clix have come from the days of hideousness that once were. Godawful, they were.


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