Flash: The Brightest Day Connection (BN #8 Spoilers)

I’ve been on the road, so I missed linking to this earlier. DC has posted some Brightest Day info — featuring MAJOR SPOILERS for Blackest Night #8.

In short: twelve heroes and villains were resurrected, with no apparent pattern, by the white light. Among them: the original Captain Boomerang and (as expected) the Reverse Flash.

DC describes The Flash‘s connection to the event like this:

In THE FLASH, Captain Boomerang will deal with a bizarre change he believes is left over from the black ring that animated his corpse. And the Reverse-Flash won’t be gone for long… but he’ll appear somewhere else first.


11 thoughts on “Flash: The Brightest Day Connection (BN #8 Spoilers)

      1. Touch of Grey

        Axel Walker, the second Trickster. Not related in any way to Digger and Owen.
        And, uh, good for you? I’m personally not touching the iPad with a ten foot pole. Not after all the insanity my uncle went through with the 1st gen iPhone.

        1. West

          Sorry if I came across kinda diquish – which I must have, considering your tone.

          Anyway, I’m bad with names but didn’t wanna spoil. So that’s the cause of the Trickster confusion.

          I forgot to mention that it was my first iPad post here, so I added that. Since I didn’t plan to buy it, I’m kinda reeling from the whole experience.

          Anyway, sorry.

  1. Bandito

    So what is the bizarre change, other than Digger coming back a lot fitter and tougher looking than he did when he died? Will it have something to do with how he manipulated and killed Owen in BN: Flash?

    1. Nik

      I really doubt that the ‘change’ will have to do with that. But I kinda hope that Johns will address what happened with Owen and BL:Digger … a part of me worries that the entire incident will just be glossed over and forgotten … Or it might be mentioned once and then never again, as we return to the wacky adventures of Barry & Co. The worst insult might be if, as some people have been talking on various boards, the resurrected characters are ‘younger’ versions of themselves, and thus Digger won’t even remember he has a son at all…

      On the other hand, part of me really hopes that Johns never mentions Owen again, because at least that way he can’t further ruin my memories of my favorite character. (I’m a bitter fan, heh.)

      1. Bandito

        I still think there’s a chance Owen could come back, despite the “dead is dead” reference in BN #8.

        The end of Flash: Rebirth #6 portends a Reverse-Flash Family (Zoom Corps) with the Gorilla City wall painting. Thawne might gather his own team of evil speedsters, like Zolomon. He can go back in time to recruit Owen and Inertia, as well as Savitar and any others.

        1. Nik

          I really hope not, personally. Owen was not a particularly ‘villainous’ villain.

          Johns may have tried his best to turn Owen from a shades-of-gray good guy who spent his entire time since “Rogue War” trying to prove that he was redeemable and that he wasn’t a villain into an irredeemable villain in the eyes of comics-readers within the space of four pages, but I’m not buying it.

          I’d rather never see Owen in comics again than see his character twisted and destroyed by turning him into a ‘sociopath evil speedster’ when he’s spent almost all of his continuity trying to redeem himself for making a piss-poor decision when he was distraught with grief and fury over his father’s death and the way that death was marginalized by the ‘heroes’ in the DCU.

          1. Perplexio

            I too felt Owen was terribly mishandled. I do see Digger enlisting Thawne to go back and “un-do” Owen’s death and possibly even some of the dastardly deeds he did when he was trying to resurrect dear old dad.

            With Thawne’s ability to change the past Johns has quite a tool for “retconning” things.

            I see Thawne changing the past so Owen not only doesn’t die he doesn’t kill anyone in trying to resurrect his father. I can see Thawne and Digger both trying to get Owen to go rogue. That would actually make for a great storyline… Owen having a crisis of conscience… follow his Dad and/or his Thawne bloodline or discovering that Bart Allen is his half brother and remaining a good guy.

            And if they ever do a Kid Flash ongoing there’s a source for tension between his half-brother, Owen, and his former Teen Titan teammate/friend, Tim Drake and Bart feeling like he’s torn between blood and friendship.


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