Spotlight on Abra Kadabra

Fellow Flash blog Crimson Lightning has been putting the sinister sorcerer Abra Kadabra at center stage for the last few weeks, including a Rogue Spotlight, classic covers, video from Brave and the Bold, and even thematic sound effects…and what maniacal villain would be complete without “Ha ha ha!”

So head over to Crimson Lightning and let the magic begin!


7 thoughts on “Spotlight on Abra Kadabra

  1. YraniGami

    Just an observation: Wally and/or Barry (even Jay, for that matter), have Rogues from alternate Earths, the past and the future. Even a zoological fugitive! However, no aliens. Am I right, or is there an outer-space being in the pool of rogues somewhere that I missed?

    1. Kelson Post author

      Hmm…the only recurring alien Flash villain I can think of is the Kilg%re.

      There’s also the Combine, alien weapons dealers who infiltrated Keystone City organized crime over a couple years’ worth of stories in the 1990s, but they’re gone at this point. Though I suppose so is Kilg%re.

      Other than that, I can only think of one-off stories of alien invasions (from Karma in the golden age all the way up through Savoth in The Wild Wests), cosmic gamblers, etc.

  2. Dixon

    Thanks for the plug, Kelson! I very much appreciate it. I’ve had a lot of fun focusing on Abra Kadabra’s appearances throughout the years, especially as he’s a personal favorite of mine. So much fun, in fact, that I’m certain the Rogue Spotlight is going to become a recurring feature at Crimson Lightning. Rest assured we’ll give another of the Rogues center stage during the coming months.

    That being said, curiosity compels me to ask: of all the scarlet speedster’s top-notch supervillains, who is your personal favorite? If you had to pick just one of the Rogues, who would you most like to see take the spotlight next? Hmmm?
    .-= Dixon’s latest blog post: Classic Covers: The Flash (v.2) #158 =-.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Actually, Kadabra’s my favorite as well!

      Second choice: it’s tough, but after thinking about it, I’m going with Mark Waid-era Trickster: James Jesse as a con artist. Hey, Josh Holloway should have some free time now if they want to use him in the Flash movie…

      Runners-up include Pied Piper, Savitar, and the Shade.

  3. yranigami

    On female villains: other than Christina Alexandrova, I can only think of Magenta as a credible superpowered villain for the Flash.
    Kelson, good call on Kilg%re, I totally forgot all about it.
    As for what villain should get the spotlight next, I nominate Murmur. The creep-meter just hit red at the mention of him!

    1. Kelson Post author

      I don’t know about Murmur. He always seems like he’s in the wrong comic book — more of a Batman villain than a Flash villain.


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