Brightest Day Captain Boomerang HeroClix Announced

Digger Harkness will be getting his second HeroClix in October when they release The Brightest Day Action Pack. Boomerang will be released alongside several other key characters from DC Comic’s white hot bi-weekly series Brightest Day, including: Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond), Aquaman, Osiris, Martian Manhunter (half martian, half Black Lantern), Hawkgirl, and Deadman. I really only collect Flash-related items so I will definitely be picking up Captain Boomerang, but the rest of the characters look pretty good too. You can check out Brightest Day Captain Boomerang below:

I mentioned that this is Digger’s second HeroClix. The first being released a few years back as part of the 2007 Justice League Set. This was the washed up version of Digger from his later years (primarily Identity Crisis):

I don’t like to compare ‘Clix usually, unless I have them in hand, but the second Boomer looks a lot better than the first. Of course the older one is supposed to be the washed up version and this newer one was released 3 years later and is supposed to be Digger rejuvenated, so I guess it makes sense that it looks a lot cleaner. I am really liking the new Boomer character design too. Although I’m not usually a fan of designs with trench coats, I can make an exception with characters like Digger that carry a large amount of weapons on their person (in this case lethal boomerangs). It makes perfect sense for storage purposes. I will of course reserve final judgement until it arrives, but I like what I’m seeing so far. Which reminds me: I’ve gotten eight new Flash-related ‘Clix over the last few months and I still have yet to do a write up on them. I was waiting for Blue Lantern Barry Allen to arrive and it finally got here a couple days ago. I will definitely have to make an effort to do this asap.

A little bit of Flash HeroClix trivia before we go:

In addition to Digger Harkness, only one other Flash villain has had two different HeroClix releases in two different sets; Who is it?

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


10 thoughts on “Brightest Day Captain Boomerang HeroClix Announced

    1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

      Nope. The Trickster technically has two ‘Clix but they are of two different incarnations and one features Piper along for the ride too.

          1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

            Kid Zoom and Inertia were released in the same set. Heatwave only has one release as far as I know.

  1. rowdyoctopus

    The other villain with 2 different clix across 2 different sets is is Gorilla Grodd.

    Grodd had a clix released in 2002’s Hypertime set (DC’s first set). The sculpt was rather ugly, but a lot of them were back then. His was extra ugly though.

    Grodd then got another clix in 2008’s Arkham Asylum set. He actually got two different ones in this set. One named “Gorilla Grodd” and the other named just “Grodd.” Both used the same sculpt, but “Grodd” was a limited edition figure (tournament prize, mail in, or some other promo related) with different powers and combat values.

    I’m a huge Flash fan and I just started playing Heroclix a couple months ago, so I’ve made it my goal to collect every Flash related Heroclix fig out there. Right now I have

    Black Flash
    Kid Zoom
    Flash (Jay Garrick sculpt from the Hypertime set)
    Flash/Green Lantern duo fig
    Blue Lantern Barry Allen
    Heat Wave
    Gorilla Grodd (Arkham Asylum set)

    And I have 18 more on the way

    Weather Wizard x3 (early sets had multiples of the same fig with different combat values but they all looked the same)
    Kid Flash
    Gorilla Grodd x3 (Hypertime set)
    Trickster x3
    Abra Kadabra
    Dr. Alchemy
    Captain Boomerang (Older one shown in this post)
    Trickster/Pied Piper duo
    Liberty Belle
    Jesse Quick x3

  2. rowdyoctopus

    Also, it is worth noting that the picture of the sculpt from the up coming set is a high res pic of the digitally sculpted “master mold” and it looks significantly better than the real thing will. This is definitely the case for the Blackest Night figs they just released. This new fig will still look better than the older one, but it won’t look as nice as that image.

    1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

      I’m glad to see more Flash HeroClix fans out there. I have just about every Flash-related ‘Clix ever made and I really, really, really need to get a spotlight on them asap.

      Congrats on the correct trivia question, I didn’t realize it would be that hard.

      Also very true about the high res pic. I definitely can see the difference, especially on my Blue Lantern Barry. It’s because of the size of them that the details suffer a bit. Still love all of them though. Let me know when you get Kingdom Come Flash. It took me forever to find it at a decent price and I ended up getting it way cheaper than it usually goes for.

      1. rowdyoctopus

        You mean I don’t get your Kingdom Come Flash for answering the trivia question? Kidding aside, it looks like I have most of the cheaper Flash ‘clix out there. A guy I play with regularly is offering to sell me some of the cheaper ones I still don’t have, but I just need the extra 10 or so bucks. That KC Flash was the most expensive one of the group.


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