Flash Sales for May 2010

ICv2’s top 300 comics for May are up, and The Flash #2 is ranked #12 with an estimated 76,560 copies sold.

Here’s the round-up of how Flash vol.3 compares to other recent Flash relaunches.

Issue Rank Month Units Sold 2nd-Issue Drop
Flash:TFMA #1 7 June 2006 120,404
Flash: FMA #2 25 July 2006 77,487 (-35.6%)
All-Flash #1 22 July 2007 78,955
Flash v.2 #231 26 August 2007 72,898
Flash v.2 #232 32 Sep 2007 56,969 (-21.9%)
Flash: Rebirth #1 2 April 2009 102,429
Flash: Rebirth #2 4 May 86,183 (-15.9%)
Flash v.3 #1 2 April 2010 100,903
Flash v.3 #2 12 May 2010 76,560 (-24.1%)

That’s…steeper than I expected. Not as bad as the plunge from Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 to #2, but it’s bigger than the drop on between the first two issues of “The Wild Wests.” And it’s a lot steeper than the second-issue drop on Rebirth.

These are, of course, based on retailers’ orders, so it’s not a reflection of actual readers’ purchases, but how retailers anticipated those purchases. After the last several relaunches failed to catch on, perhaps we can forgive them for being skeptical.

The real test, as always, will be to see how orders for issue #4 and on hold up. With three months’ lead time, that’s the first issue on which stores will have placed orders after seeing how well the actual book sold.

Update: The Beat has posted a detailed analysis of DC’s May sales and seems to think these numbers are average.


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