Francis Manapul Covers Jesse Quick for JLA #46

One aspect of the upcoming JLA/JSA crossover is that Liberty Belle will be moving from the Justice Society to the Justice League as Jesse Quick. Check out this this variant cover for Justice League of America #46:


I’ve mostly lost interest in the current Justice League series. From what I’ve seen of it, the book has been too focused on shuffling the roster and supporting crossovers. And after the Cry For Justice fiasco (though I get the impression that the worst of it was editorially decreed), I’d made a conscious decision to avoid James Robinson’s run.

But you know what?

I think I’m picking up this comic, if I can find a copy with the variant cover at a reasonable price.

Jesse Quick + Liberty Belle + Francis Manapul. Seriously.

Justice League of America #46 arrives in stores June 30.

Update: Francis Manapul has posted the uncolored artwork.

Jesse Quick Variant Cover Francis Manapul Original


17 thoughts on “Francis Manapul Covers Jesse Quick for JLA #46

  1. Mr Maczaps

    thats a seriously nice cover and one i just know i’m picking up…. at first i passed on the Jade cover, but then I saw the Supergirl one and now this one…. oh how the poor house is calling my name. although I’m pretty sure that I picked up the SG cover at cover price… hmmm

  2. cm22

    I really liked the Liberty Belle costume, especially how the crack incorporated a lightning bolt, I thought it did a great job and really served to unite the characters different heritages and such. I was really sad to see her kind of retrograde back in Flash Rebirth, in no small part also because I just thought it didn’t look as good as it could have, not to mention the whole actual character history angle.

    But this is a REALLY excellent cover, and makes the costume look amazing, one of the rare variant covers i’ll probably buy.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I agree that the Liberty Belle costume is a better costume than any of the ones she’s worn as Jesse Quick, but OTOH I like the JQ identity better. So I’m kind of torn on that.

  3. Craig

    Cry for Justice was horrible. Robinson’s work on the regular JLA title has been better (though not great). The roster change was Robinson’s fault though as he originally wanted a team of 11 and then decided he couln’t handle it, so after the JLA/JSA crossover (Robinson and Bagely are doing issues from both series) the team will be solidified and brought down to seven (with occaisonal guest-stars as needed).

    1. cm22

      I never heard anything about him not being able to handle the roster size, especially since the “final” roster after this arc is going to be close to the original size. It seemed to me it had more to do with other people having other plans for the characters. He’s said in a few interviews he wanted to keep Mon-el around longer but things didn’t work out that way, the end of Cry for Justice was changed in line with the “fall of” stuff so that Green Arrow logically can’t be a member of the team, Starfire’s in REBELS.

      Some of it’s size, cause the team is a LITTLE bit smaller, but I think most of it is just a lot of the character he wanted to do things with, he couldn’t so he had to find new ones.

  4. Xian

    It’s odd that in profile her hair is blown completely backwards but coming at us her locks of hair dangle in front of her head unaffected.

  5. Jesse

    This cover is spectacular. I agree that none of her JQ costumes have been great, but at least with this one they’re using the imagery of Johnny Quick, not just throwing random lightning bolts around in a new design. I hope she still uses her Liberty Belle powers, not just speed – but I like the Jesse Quick identity better. I don’t know how supervillians would take you seriously when your superhero name is a pun.

    I thought Cry for Justice was one of the best JLA stories I’ve read in a long time, with amazing art. Guess I’m in the minority.

  6. Mark Engblom

    Jesse is probably one of the most unique legacy characters around, since she’s representing not one but two All-Stars past….and likewise it would be nice to see a costume reflecting BOTH her mom and dad….not one over the other. I realize Jesse feels more of an affinity for daddy since she hung out with his zombie corpse in Blackest Night (what was up with THAT???!!!!), but it’s still odd she’d so completely abandon the Liberty Belle persona. Maybe making the red elements of the Jesse Quick costume blue would do the trick?

  7. Jude Deluca

    I still don’t understand why they spent four years building her up in the Liberty Belle identity just to put her back in the Jessie Quick identity. It feels like a waste.

    1. Kelson Post author

      That they switch between at will? Good question. I can’t really think of any at the moment. Costume/name changes tend to be serial.

      Though I half-suspect Jesse is going back to the JQ ID full-time once she moves over to JLA.

  8. Rob

    Love that cover!!
    On the Liberty Belle/Jesse Quick debate, I always preferred Jesse Quick, as that’s the identity she had when I was inroduced to her during Waid’s original Flash run.


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