Young Justice Flashback: “They Canceled My Comic”

Impulse ran for 90 issues (including Impulse #1,000,000) until it was canceled in 2002. A month later, Young Justice #49 opened with this scene in which Bart laments to Superboy that his comic was canceled.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t make a post that was mostly scans and not much commentary, but this scene is short, and (for the most part) stands on its own. Two pages after the cut.

For the record:

Impulse: 1995-2002
Superboy: 1994-2002
The Ray: 1994-1996
Robin: 1993-2009, relaunched immediately as Red Robin.

Young Justice itself was canceled just a few months later to make room for the Geoff Johns/Mike McKone Teen Titans relaunch, itself linked to the Teen Titans cartoon. Interestingly enough, there’s a Young Justice cartoon launching soon.

I doubt it will happen, but wouldn’t it be funny if DC ended up canceling the Teen Titans comic book to make room for a Young Justice relaunch?


12 thoughts on “Young Justice Flashback: “They Canceled My Comic”

  1. Hyperion

    but wouldn’t it be funny if DC ended up canceling the Teen Titans comic book to make room for a Young Justice relaunch?

    Not if they end up mangling it by shoving unneeded gore/getting a bad writer…God, I’m feeling bitter today.

    1. Some Guy

      Well… they ARE creating the new Aqualad in time for that to happen, and they do seem like they ought to be running out of random cannon fodder Titans to be killed in order to up the dramatic ante, so I suppose it is possible.

      But that means what, Cassie suddenly steals a villain’s name, and reveals that she’s been training in archery with Arrowette in secret, and Donna becomes Wonder Girl again?

    2. michael

      I’m with you. YJ is my favorite comic series ever (or at least tied). What DiDio did to those characters is by itself reason enough he shpulda lost his job. It is one reason I haven’t bought a single new regular DCU book in…well I stopped when Wonder Woman became a murderer so since that issue.

      I keep hoping the whole YJ series will get collected. At some point I might have my complete run bound.

    3. Kelson Post author

      All too believable. Even when Geoff Johns was writing Teen Titans, it was absolutely nothing like the tone of the TV show. And grimdark is all the rage these days.

  2. Ken O

    I remember when that issue came out. Funny stuff. Hopefully DC will collect more Young Justice stories with the cartoon coming out.

  3. chickenmonkey707

    It’s really sad, because all of those characters really are just as interesting and fun as Robin. Unfortunately, DC will probably never stop releasing tons of Bat-related books and very few of any other title(except maybe super-related).

    Oh how I miss Bart as Impulse…

  4. collectededitions

    Such a funny sequence. Among the many things I liked about Peter David’s Young Justice is that he would have these kinds of sequences, hilarious and completely self-contained, that I could show friends even who didn’t read Young Justice and there was enough there to get and enjoy (like the ghostly car that was “repossessed”).

    Coincidentally, the next “Ask Collected Editions” coming out later today is on Young Justice trades and the new cartoon. Hope you’ll reminisce with us.

  5. Mr Maczaps

    man alive i miss YJ. those were always light hearted fun stories. i have every single issue but if i was working, i’d pick up trades of it, or a couple series HC collected editions… something bookshelf worthy.

    if they bring back YJ, it just wouldn’t be the same… cuz it would just follow the loony toon….

    thanks for posting Kelson.

  6. dhusk

    I loved Impulse’s title, and followed Young Justice whenever I could. What they did to Impulse’s character in the Teen Titans revamp was a crime; its amazing how they took such a fun and lovable character and sucked everything worthwhile out of him.

  7. kyer

    Oh Tim…just back out now. Slowly.

    Now, THAT kind of stuff was what got me hooked on Flash and Impulse and had me checking out the booksellers for more. They need more comedy writers at DC…and a CEO that knows it’s laughter that’s the best medicine.

  8. David Thomas Joria

    Last week I decided to go online and find the few remaining YJ comics not in my collection and pin them down… turns out one of “one-shots” was written by Brian Vaughn, he would later do an equally awesome job with Runaways. Ah, the good ol’ pre-Geoff days.


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