Flash Collections for Spring 2011: Rogues HC & Rebirth TPB

The Source has posted more detail on Spring 2011 collections.

We already knew that the hardcover edition of The Flash: The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues was coming out next February, but there’s been a slight change. Earlier reports showed it featuring The Flash #1-7 and The Flash Secret Files 2010, but now DC is saying that it collects The Flash #1-6 and The Flash Secret Files 2010. This makes more sense, because it lines up exactly with the first story arc instead of extending one issue beyond it. On the other hand…

The Flash: Rebirth paperback is scheduled for April, and someone forgot that the miniseries was six issues long and not five! I guess we shouldn’t rely too much on the numbers here.

Other books

Additionally, the Justice League International trade paperbacks start collecting Justice League Europe with volume 5. Flash Wally West was a founding member of that branch of the League, based at first in Paris and later in London. This volume features two JLI annuals and the first six issues of JLE. The next two issues are actually part of a JLA/JLE crossover, “The Teasdale Imperative,” which picks up where the previous volume left off collecting Justice League America. I’d guess that volume 6 will feature that crossover and some mix of the two series.

Justice League of America: The Rise and Fall collects the “Fall of Green Arrow” and “Rise of Arsenal” storylines spinning out of JLA: Cry for Justice. Barry Allen appears in the Green Arrow story.

There’s a new Showcase volume of Justice League of America.

I think Kid Flash Bart Allen is in Teen Titans: The Hunt for Raven.

Flash Barry Allen appears in at least the opening chapters of Brightest Day Vol.1.

Justice League of America: Dark Things covers the JLA/JSA crossover that just started, featuring Flash Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick.


4 thoughts on “Flash Collections for Spring 2011: Rogues HC & Rebirth TPB

  1. Craig MacD

    I wish DC would collect Justice League Europe in its own hardcover series. It would make more sense. Plus, it would be cool to have stories like The Extremist Vector and the three-part Starro story they did collected in their own volumes.

  2. Kyer

    I just ordered #4 of JLE under the assumption that it is the one where Wally joins in. Am really hoping it has the issues with the bad aliens crashing (unwittingly) the initiation(?) party and the French class. Those are about the only two I was able to read before and they had me in stitches. Also the scenes were Ralph and Wally finally ‘bond’. Will have to check out volume 5 when it becomes available. 🙂

      1. kyer

        Oh well…something to look forward to. Got to admit, those old books were a blast. Much better than the current All-Anxiety*All-The-Time Tales of today. With the exception of the 2009 DC Christmas special (Wally’s gift giving snafu. lol), I haven’t seen much in the way of things that make me smile. Geoff Johns has a vivid imagination, but it seems to lean more towards Stephen King. I’m more into Danny Kaye in The Court Jester. 🙂


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