Flash #5 Pushed to September 8

It looks like the delays on The Flash aren’t over quite yet. SpeedsterSite spotted a change on DC’s website: The Flash #5 is now coming out on September 8 instead of its previous August 25 date. So far, issues #6 and #7 haven’t been changed.


10 thoughts on “Flash #5 Pushed to September 8

  1. Perplexio

    Just a quick question… Are you going to mention appearances of Flash Rogues in non-Flash related books? I mean with Captain Boomerang resurrected, I’d be really surprised if he didn’t start showing up in Red Robin as well a The Flash given the whole Jack Drake murder connection.

      1. Ken O

        I realize that the Red Robin joke has probably been made a million times, but Boomer in Red Robin just makes me think of him ordering hamburgers at the restaurant. The image makes me laugh.

  2. Fastest

    So, I don’t know if you have listened to Part 1 of the wordballoon interview with Francis Manapul, but Francis mentions how he’s had some time to work on other things, like an 8 page Spirit story with JT Krul, while he’s waiting for the next Flash script to come in.

    The interview took place sometime after San Diego Con, so that means since then, whenever this interview took place, Geoff wasn’t done with the script, and that’s why the book is late. It’s so weird for it to be writing delays and not art delays.

    1. Clegane, Sandor

      Fastest – pretty sure Manapul was talking about the script for Flash #6, since he was inbetween Flash issues at the time he drew the Spirit stuff.

      Because if the script for # 5 was still not done by late July, it’d be coming out in October probably – not just being delayed 1-2 weeks.

      And actually, Manapul only has #6 left to draw, before Scott Kollins comes in to draw #7. So the book shouldn’t be too far behind.

  3. Jason West

    Captain Boomerang and The Reverse-Flash were in Brightest Day 7…drawn by Francis Manapul in an epic event explaining why the Twelve are back!!! I could spoil if you like…it’s up to you guys. 🙂


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