Doin’ the Speedster Shuffle (Schedule Changes)

DC’s website has some more scheduling changes for upcoming Flash issues:

Meanwhile, over at Top Cow, Velocity #2 is still in its most recent spot on September 15.

Update September 2:

  • The Flash #7 is now November 17.
  • The Flash #8 is now December 8.
  • Velocity #2 is now September 22. That means Velocity and The Flash are synced up again.


8 thoughts on “Doin’ the Speedster Shuffle (Schedule Changes)

  1. Ionic One

    Wow a comic for the Fastest Man alive would ironically be one of the slowest and most delayed mainstream comics!

  2. Mr Maczaps

    i really want to like this book, but i can’t even recall the last issue… what i read, and once my books are boxed, there usually isn’t much getting back to that box to re-read older stuff without lots of time consuming heavy lifting…. too many more delays and i’m gonna take my leave…. and I love the Flash… Barry or Wally or Bart.

    1. chickenmonkey707

      EXACTLY. The push backs wouldn’t be so annoying if they didn’t KEEP happening and making me frget what happened before.


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