Speed Reading: Boomerang, Barry & Iris, Bart, Sonic & More

Some linkblogging for the weekend.


Other speedsters

  • Impulse Flashback: Bart Allen’s first day of school at Comics Should Be Good’s Year of Cool Comics
  • First Comics News’ Sonic The Hedgehog Month is almost over
  • Top Cow will be selling the SDCC and Supercon Velocity #1 variants through retail in November

Other comics


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Boomerang, Barry & Iris, Bart, Sonic & More

  1. Perplexio

    I have to agree with Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep’s post. Making Iris one of Barry’s rogue is a bad idea.
    Geoff would be much better served making Barry’s almost 2nd wife, Fiona Webb, a rogue.


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