Francis Manapul Talks Flash & Beast Legends

Comic Vine interviews Francis Manapul about his work on The Flash and his role on the TV series Beast Legends.

Key Flash items:

  • The two Rogue Profile issues with art by Scott Kolins were planned to help get the book back on schedule, as well as to add depth to the villains. (No big surprise, here.)
  • The second story arc will be even “crazier” than the first. On a scale of 1–10, “we’re gonna aim for 15!”
  • Flashpoint will run concurrently with the third story arc in The Flash.
  • He can’t say anything about Wally West, but we “may have an answer in a few months.”

The rest of the article focuses on Beast Legends, which is all about tracing the origins of mythological creatures and using modern science to figure out what they would be like if they were real.

He touches briefly on the delays that have plagued The Flash from #4 onward. While working on the show, he’d come back to the hotel from a shoot, sleep, then wake up at 1am to draw through the night and send scans on to DC. “We were able to minimize any major delays to the book, ironically enough it was SDCC that wreaked havoc to the schedule.”

Head over to Comic Vine to read the whole interview!

Beast Legends premieres in the US on SyFy this Thursday, and has been running in Canada on History Television.


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