Flash #6 on November 3

According to DC’s website, The Flash #6 has slipped from October 27 to November 3. That’s one more week to wait for the conclusion of “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues.”

The two Scott Kolins-drawn issues focusing on Captain Boomerang and Professor Zoom remain unchanged from their previous schedule, as does the first issue of the next story arc, “Hot Pursuit,” on which Francis Manapul returns to the book. If everything holds, Flash may miss October, but will ship double issues in both November and December.

On a related note, I do still plan to review The Flash #5. It’s just been a really busy two weeks.


7 thoughts on “Flash #6 on November 3

  1. Craig

    Well, at least its only one week and not three months. Shame though, as I was finally starting to get into this new book. I’m hoping this current storyline can get resolved without feeling too rushed, which I think it probably will be.

  2. Mr Maczaps

    Barry is already slippin… he may get the ax, but i’d rather not… he just has to be ON TIME!!

    thanks for posting. now i won’t go looking for Flash very soon…

  3. Wayne Lippa

    According to the DC website, Flash #6 has now been moved back to Nov. 10, and Flash #7 has been moved back to Nov. 24.


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