Speed Reading: Art Round-Up

Some Flash art found this past week…

Zoom Zoom cover design by scottygod and skutterfly. (via GoRogues)

The webcomic Gutters satirizes the comics industry. It recently took on the Speed Force.

Project Rooftop’s invitational features a redesign of The Flash by Joel Carroll. (via Michael Kaiser)

Philip Tan draws Wally West. (via @Speedstersite)


One thought on “Speed Reading: Art Round-Up

  1. Kyer

    Eh…I out-and-out dislike the Joel Carroll design. Kind of like the muted design work of the red on red…would probably be better if it was lightning themed rather than reminding me of computer boards. Hate the goggles and the lack of the belt. Mixed on the dangling accents. Very first impression before I took in the details was that the runner was female.

    The one by Phillip Tan is well done. I do have a question as to why Wally is wearing his old mask with his new suit. (It has open eyes yet with the simplified chest emblem.)


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