Flash #8 Variant Cover by Stanley Lau

Artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau has posted the art for his Flash #8 variant cover featuring the Flash vs. the Reverse Flash. The Flash #8 focuses on the scarlet speedster’s nemesis, and is scheduled to arrive in stores on December 8.

Oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve seen the Flash #7 variant anywhere. We’re missing one…

(Thanks to @SpeedsterSite for spotting this!)


11 thoughts on “Flash #8 Variant Cover by Stanley Lau

  1. Mr Maczaps

    is it just me or does that belt look “V” shaped?

    otherwise this cover looks splendid and hopefully when it arrives, it does so in my pile of comics that day.

    1. Kyer

      No, it’s definitely not just you. I saw this pic elsewhere and thought it was just fan art so dismissed it.
      So I take it DC has officially given Wally’s belt to Barry? This is making Barry look like a klepto. Should Wally start checking his closet to see what else might be missing? Shoes, socks, ties, wallet? (I’d say, just kidding, but I’m really a bit snarked over this.)

      1. Kelson Post author

        I was wondering how long it would take for someone to mention the belt.

        Honestly, I can’t get worked up over it as long as it’s just the guest artists — and aside from the White Lantern costume, which is a different costume, that’s what it’s been.

        Just like the inconsistencies over Wally West’s eye color, or the lenses in his mask, or whether the Flash’s earpieces are wings or lightning bolts (which reminds me, I was going to post a poll about that). For almost 20 years, The Flash had a V-shaped belt, so a whole generation of artists has gotten used to drawing him that way.

        Yeah, it would be nice if DC sent out a new model sheet showing Barry’s costume and Wally’s new costume. But is it absolutely critical?

        I’m reminded of a story from the panel on the Comic Book Tattoo launch a couple of years ago. One of the artists talked about the degree of freedom they had on the project compared to, say, a DC book, where they had once had art rejected because Superman had the wrong number of belt loops.

        1. Mr Maczaps

          it only matters if they “forget” Wally’s new outfit is a lot different… I grew up with Wally and its just funny because first look at this cover says Wally to me… just takes an extra second to think “who is behind the mask?” and then its just a matter of getting the artists to do it up right… since they made such an effort to change the two…

        2. Kyer

          Yes…it matters. Right now it looks like Thawne and Allen have belt envy and extra time to do some sewing rather than battling it out with each other. I absolutely hate it when they give the wrong eye color or hair color or hair style and whatnot.

          Oh dear god the ears. You just had to mention the ear decor, didn’t you? I think those things are stuck in some sort of compressed time/space loop where reality changes on a whim. Sometimes a bolt, sometimes wings; sometimes short and stubby, sometimes long enough to make Dumbo not feel so self-conscience of his own aural monstrosities.

          Hey, that could be a legitimate theory! The Theory of Relativity of Speed Force Manipulation & The Emotional Spectrum of Wally West. If he’s feeling down, he subconsciously shifts the speed force of his suit to downsize. If he’s waxing overconfident, those suckers grow by the mile and get ultra fancy.

          Whaddya think? Have I hit on it? 😀

        3. Ken O

          With Dick and Bruce wearing similar Batman costumes I wonder if Batfans will now be subjected to the same “fun” that Flash fans have been experiencing for years.

          1. Kyer

            And with that, she is suddenly put in mind of the “Where’s Waldo/Wally” book where a plethora of characters look distressingly similar to the original Waldo. I can now imagine a DC universe chock packed with Batmen who look almost exactly alike, Flashes who look downright similar, Superman and Steel mixing it up in a chrome paint fight. Diana in a world where stars and stripes are all the rage. The joy. ;P

  2. Miguel

    yeah i’d really like to know what the Darwyn variant for #7 looks like… and why they haven’t released it yet.


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