Kid Flash on Karl Kerschl’s Teen Titans #90 Variant Cover

Karl Kerschl (The Flash in Wednesday Comics) has posted the artwork from his upcoming Teen Titans #90 variant cover, focusing on a certain yellow-clad teen speedster. Click through to the artist’s blog for a larger view.


10 thoughts on “Kid Flash on Karl Kerschl’s Teen Titans #90 Variant Cover

  1. mbish

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love this guys work. It’s slick and simple and yet still holds so much detail. A perfect use of perspective.

    The colouring is wonderful too. It really suits this piece. Thanks for the link.

    1. Kyer

      I hate that too. Never know if I’m looking at Bart or Wally. The suit and hair are Wally, but the mask and eyes are Bart’s. (Although maybe just the eyes as they’ve been shrinking down Wally’s mask in these later book issues and I don’t see any goggles.

      I’m an amateur fanfic’r. My occasional typo bugs me, but hey, I’m not getting paid to be perfect so I fix ’em as I can. These artists ARE getting paid to be professional in their work. Would it be so hard to do a tad bit of research beforehand? No, this isn’t Earth shattering; just annoying as hell.

      1. mbish

        AGREE WITH YOU!!!!
        I am always saying this to people. It’s not as if the colourist has to do major research when they colour it in. Just take a quick second to find out that it’s Bart and that he has brown hair
        (although I think this hair is Brown. Maybe a little reddish but I’m seeing mostly Brown)

        It’s a small fact easily fixed. Please get it right guys.

  2. Mr Maczaps

    i was just coming in here to comment on the fact that Bart looks an awful lot like Wally did as Kid Flash…. TT88’s cover even has Bart with freckles… Bart has BROWN hair and NO freckles… and all throughout the book, his hair is red and definitely not drawn right… when did he get it cut? I want Bart to look like BART not Wally… And I have to say, I’m considering dropping the title while dirtbag Robin is part of the team and or storyline… don’t like Damien in anything… not one bit…

    okay, i’m done. sorry. 🙂


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